Make & Model (reference)
OTAS 820 Grand Prix (OT005)
Construction Year
Current owner
Robert Maselko



Additional information

This car was imported to the U.S. by John Rich Motors, Glendale, California, as part of a batch of 65 OTAS Grand Prix cars ordered.  It was originally orange with 817cc engine.  A previous owner replaced the engine with a 903cc and repainted it yellow after a minor accident. The owner prior to myself was not a car enthusiast.  He was a carpenter who took the car as payment for a job.  He had it in storage for 20 years.  I bought it "sight unseen" in 2002 and had it shipped from San Franciso to my home 37 km west of New York City. I discovered the car had a rusted gas tank and the cylinder head leaked coolant badly.  I worked on the car over a period of several years, as time and money would allow.  I rebuilt the engine, brakes, and suspension.  There were numerous additional small repairs.  It is now a reliable driver, patiently waiting for new paint.  Even though I really like the yellow color, I plan to return it to its original orange.  Fortunately, the car is nearly rust free, and the only original part missing is the "Corsaire 003" sideview mirror. I welcome contact with other Lombardi owners!