Due to misfortune with the organizer of the event, the event itself is cancelled!

Hello everybody


I'm really sorry to inform you that the meeting of Grand Prix Francis Lombardi planning in Maranello for the next 4 of July for the moment is been delated.

That's cause mr Luigino Senigagliesi, the boss of the organization, had a scooter accident this week  (fortunately never to much dangerous) but is oblijed to a minimum time ( one month) of house totally relax, and, above all, he can't continue to follow the organization of the meeting.

Maybe the next meeting will be planned on autumn, in September, but it's more sure it will be for the next year, in Spring (May or June).

The place and the programm will be the same (Maranello, near Modena, including visit to Ferrari's Museum) cause that's the preference of the most of the people involved.

Anyway, we will keep you informed in time; time to time, have a look into this section of the web site to know news.

For the moment, I wish to Luigino my (and your) best wishes for a rapid "restart" and happy summer holidays to all of you.


Cristian Ferrari