Last night I received an email from Cristian Ferrari regarding the 2011 Italian meeting. It's content is displayed below.

Hello Everybody,

I'm happy to inform you that we are organizing the next annual Italian Meeting concerning fiat 850 Grand Prix Francis Lombardi.
That's will be next June, on Saturday 11 th and Sunday 12th, in Maranello, near Modena, and the meeting point for all cars will be the Maranello Village (Maranello Village is a sort of structure enclosed restaurant and hotel , just out  Maranello centre, not in Maranello country).
It's a two days meeting just for to give the possibility to arrive on Maranello Village to all the people and the cars comes from too much far; in fact, the meeting day will be only on Sunday!
During this meeting, on Sunday morning,  we'll visit Galleria Ferrari ( and we'll try to make a sort of " time race" with our cars.
Don't warry!! It's only a play race,  for to find the best driver (making for two or three times with own car the same trip with the minimum time differences between on round and the other ones).
Here attached the planning for the meeting in Italian and English language; for further informations, don't hesitate to contact me by mail.
I'll be happy to give to you more, specific informations.
Best regards
The program looks like this:


Fiat 850   Grand Prix Francis Lombardi  

Programma Raduno 2011


Sabato 11 e Domenica 12 Giugno 2011

June, 2011- saturday 11 th and Sunday, 12 th


Sabato 11 Giugno (Saturday , 11 th June)


-          Arrivo a Maranello nel pomeriggio per gli equipaggi provenienti da più lontano presso:

-          -For all the cars and people comes from so far, the Meeting point is



Via Terra delle rosse, 12 - 41053 Pozza di Maranello (MO)

Tel 0536/073300

NB: Sul navigatore impostare Via Frattini

Note: for arrive to Hotel Maranello Village, follow for via Frattini ( Frattini road on satellitare navigator)

Costo pernottamento per   2 persone in camera doppia € 59.00 (senza prima colazione)

€ 79.00 (con prima colazione)

the price for a duble room (two people in a duble room) is Euros 59 (without breackfast) or 79 Euros (enclosed breackfast)


-          Ore 20.30 Cena (facoltativa) con tutti i presenti, per iniziare a conoscersi meglio, presso:

-          On the evening, time 20.30 p.m. (post meridian) supper time, for a sort of initial meeting for all Grand Prix owners, at the .

Ristorante Paddock (annesso all’Hotel Maranello Village)

Paddock Restaurant (clothest to Hotel Maranello Village)

Viale Terra delle Rosse, 1 - 41053 Pozza di Maranello (MO)

(costo € 25.00 a persona)

the price for the supper is Euros 25 ( for each people).


-          Pernottamento presso l’Hotel MARANELO VILLAGE

-          possibility to sleep directly into Hotel Maranello Village 


Domenica 12 Giugno - (Sunday, 12 th June)


-          ore 9.30 Ritrovo di tutti gli equipaggi presso L’Hotel Maranello Village (vedi dati sopra)

-          time 09.30: initial meeting point for all the cars and peopole to Hotel Maranello Village (read address indications on the top)


-          ore 10.30   Prove e gara di regolarità con le nostre vetture presso il   parcheggio

del Maranello Village.

Time 10.30 “time race ” in Maranello Village’s parking, for who want to do the “best drive time”; it’s a discretionary trial


-          Ore 11.15 Trasferimento alla:

-          Time 11.15 starting for Ferrari’s Gallery,



Via Dino Ferrari, 432 – 41053 Maranello (MO)

Tel, 0536 949713



-          Ore 11.30 Ingresso per la visita alla Galleria Ferrari (costo ingresso € 11.00 a persona)

-          Time 11.30 visit to Ferrari’s Gallery (price of the ticket 11 Euros for each people)


-          Ore 13.30 Pranzo presso Ristorante Paddock

-          Time 13.30 Lunch time at the Paddock restaurant

-          Paddock Restaurant

Viale Terra delle Rosse, 1 - 41053 Pozza di Maranello (MO)

(costo € 35.00 a persona)

price of the lunch Euros 35 (for each people).


-          ore 15.30 Premiazioni, Saluti di congedo e Rientro degli equipaggi ai propri luoghi di provenienza

-          time 15.30 Prizes giving and greetings to all the participants of the meeting.