Francis Lombardi, an italian carriage maker of Vercelli, near Torino, proposed in 1970, at Torino's Motor Show, this "two site" sport coupe, with a very particular design on the site as a "wedge".
It had the rollbar inside, frontal lamps disappeared and external filler cap.
It was been equiped with a Volkswagen 1600 cc engine for to have a final maximum power of 85 hp at 5500 r.p.m.
This car was a "specially built" , as other Lombardi's prototypes, and was never built on series, cause the factory was no able to face to the hight costs to produce them. Many coachers at this time if there weren't many required from the market, were not able to take down the final price of the car, so they cannot produce many their articles on series. That's the reason for many cars remained "unic sample", like Coccinella of Francis Lombardi (the fiat 500 my car spider) or Fiat 850 Monza.


It looks like both following pictures are made at the same occasion. The only differences seems the position of the camera.



I found the information about this car on this page. Cristian Ferrari was so kind to translate the text into english.

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