A Lombardi enthousiast sent the following email. I think it's worth publishing.

So far I note four different window treatments, as per attachments. The descriptions belong to the pictures from left to right:

  • 1968 Dutch magazine report from Lombardi website, one horizontal fixed glass to top of door frame, two large sliding glass windows
  • 1968 factory photo, same as above, mentioned in yesterdays emails
  • 1968 brochure ditto
  • year unknown, but with early Lombardi rear panels, from French brochure ex Lombardi website, ; one "cranked" fixed glass panel to top and sloping front of door frame, two small sliding glass windows
  • very early "Fiat 850 Lombardi", same "cranked'/sliding glass combination as d,e; probably a salon car from the little background detail visible;
  • 1969 scorpione SC003 fixed and sliding;


  • 1970 homologation papers with wind-up windows and quarter vents
  • 1970 Dutch magazine report with wind-up windows and quarter vents
  • 30 Oct 1968 Torino salon debut, photo of Abarth Scorpione with fixed rear glass panel with forward wind-up window to door; winder is in a different photo; only ever seen this version in these 1968 launch photos, later Scorpiones all had the wind-up/quarter vent windows  

I am not aware of which models had fibreglass doors; the old website comparison states Lombardi GP 843cc and Abarth 1000 had fibreglass doors

The particular wheels show up in images from 1968 on a,b,c,d,e, and on h which is 1970 vintage,  but not the early f which is I think has one variant of  the Compagnola wheels common on the Fiat Abarth 850/1000 TC/TCR variants of the time,