This evening I took my OTAS to a local cruise night.  It's my once-a-year participation in a cruise night. 

Generally they don't cater to the types of cars I'm interested in. Anyway, the OTAS was surprising well received by the street rod crowd.  Everyone wanted to know what it is, who made it, etc.  Some were even taking pictures of it.

At 9PM it was time to go home.  Hmm....the headlight lift motor isn't working, and I didn't bring any tools.  After jiggling the fuses and wires in the dark (I didn't bring a flashlight either), I almost began to panic when I remembered the manual lift knob under the hood.  So I popped the bonnet and began to crank up the headlamp buckets.  The remaining bystanders were impressed that the car came with such a device.

Got in the car and began the 15 minute drive home.  I discovered that the knob doesn't raise the lamp buckets as high as the motor does, so I only had light for 10 feet in front of the car.  Not good for the rural road I was traversing.  Please deer, stay in the woods!!

You know what the big downside is to driving the OTAS at night?  The lack of a day/night rearview mirror.  I was blinded by any traffic behind me.

Otherwise driving the car at night was an interesting experience.  It was odd to have the headlights popped up in front of me, sort of like twin gun sights.  The dashboard gauges, already out of your line of sight, are even less useful with the feeble background illumination.

Fortunately, it was a beautiful, warm moonlight night.  The exhaust note sounded great running up through the gears with the windows open and an open road ahead.

Got home and pulled up to the garage door.  Turned off the lights, then tried the separate headlight lift switch again.  Now the lift motor is working.  Go figure!  Oh well, it was a thoroughly pleasant evening.  903cc never felt so good.