Friday and yesterday we had two OTAS cars at Import Carlisle in the Fiat-Lancia section.

(Import CarIisle is the eastern U.S.'s largest gathering of vintage imported cars.) I drove 180 miles one way to get there, at a steady 60 MPH (approx 4,000 RPM), and averaged 44 miles per gallon! Let's hear it for Francis Lombardi's aerodynamics! Don Meluzio of York, PA brought his OTAS (and near-perfect Abarth 1300/124 Coupe!), so we had two OTAS cars there, probably a first for Carlisle. In addition, we had 4 other OTAS owners present. There was one other Fiat 850-based car there, a Series II Coupe in condition. That guy also brought his restored Bianchina. The OTAS cars got a LOT of positive attention, and the weather was great.

The drive was mostly boring, just droning along at 60 MPH on the Interstate, however for the final leg of my trip home, I took an alternative route (Rt. 57, to be exact), from Phillipsburg to Hacketstown, NJ. That stretch of road is 2 lane, through farm country, over rolling hills. I was doing 50-60 MPH, which is the sweet spot for the OTAS. The sun was low in the sky behind me. It was a perfect drive! Getting close to home, I got caught up in suburban traffic, surrounded by towering SUVs, which took some of the fun away, but it was a great weekend. Next on the agenda is the Hellertown, PA Italian car show on June 9th.

Rob OTAS #0035