The Maserati A6GCS was one of the prettiest Maseratis, and its racing pedigree was only trumped by it's flowing lines and taught proportions.

Chassisnumber 2057 - Displayed as a blue two-tone coupe at the Turin Motor Show this chassis has a low cut roof, split front windshield and a rounder tail without fins. Pietro Palmieri raced it at the 1954 Mille Miglia but found the noise and heat too much so it was rebodied into a spyder (by Fiandri?) and possibly renumbered as 2086. The extra body was used on chassis 2070. Franco Lombardi commisioned Giordemengo to build a replica body for 2057 and Giordemengo has since built two more complete replicas.

The car is photographed by Michel Zurbrunn for his book "Italian Auto Legends" and was also on display at the Museo Bonfanti during about an exhibition about 50 years Maserati (1957 - 2007).



ABC Briaza made a model referenced by number ABC199.