The Lombardi Monza is an open two-seater sportscar.

Its first display was at The Turin Motorshow of 1967. The car came standard with a fabric roof, a foldable front windscreen, alloy wheels, a wooden steering wheel and a revcounter! The car was, as many Lombardi's only a prototype to show to the public to receive any news about it.

The car is technically based on the Fiat 850. A Giannini modified engine was available as an option which had about an extra 6bhp.

Unfortunately the critics on the car by car-magazine journalists were not good. In fact they were bad: the journalists were not keen on seeing the motorcycle styled front wheels. They were having doubts in case of accidents which might cause serious damage. Mr. Lombardi and Mr. Rinaldi did consider the critics and decided to put their efforts into a new car: the Lombardi Grand Prix.


The following pictures are found on the internet.

Lombardi 850 Monza The front view of the car
Lombardi 850 Monza A look from behind

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(I got the information and one picture from Cars From Italy.)