The Lombardi Grand Prix is made in two different types. The differences are very small, but are rather good recognizable. I can't give you an accurate timeline. The typecasting "Tipo I" and "Tipo II" is made up by me.

ItemTipo ITipo II
Sidewindow Three: one on top and two beneath Two: one small ventwindow and one "normal"
Doors Polyester (?) Steel
Gauges Black an white chequred background Black background
Gearshifter Bended. Position on the central tunnel is equal to the Fiat 850 Straight. Positon on the central tunnel is placed backwards
Engine compartment lid Standard Fiat 850 (?) 5 louvres to improve the cool airflow
License plate light One, straight above the license plate Two, on both sides of the license plate

De Lombardi Grand Prix is produced between 1968 and 1972. The precise number is unknown, but I guess it's somewhere between 1000 and 10000. I really don't know whethter this is realistic or not. The production starts as the prevoius design of the Lombardi Car Factory, the Lombardi 850 Monza does not receive very good critics at its presentation at the Turin 1967 Motor Show.


There are three different salesbrochures about the Lombardi Grand Prix. There is also a sort of sheet with the technical details of the car. Beneath are the ones I found until now.

Lombardi Grand Prix - salesbrochures Lombardi Grand Prix - salesbrochures Four languages (Italian, French, English and German ). There is a small piece missing, but the original one is missing, so I had to use a fotocopy.
Lombardi Grand Prix - salesbrochures Lombardi Grand Prix - salesbrochures Lombardi Grand Prix - salesbrochures Single language. There is at least an Italian, French and Dutch version.
Lombardi Grand Prix - salesbrochures Lombardi Grand Prix - salesbrochures Lombardi Grand Prix - salesbrochures Lombardi Grand Prix - salesbrochures Single language. Only this version in French is known to me.
Lombardi Grand Prix - salesbrochures Lombardi Grand Prix - salesbrochures Single language sheet with technical data. Only these two versions in English and Italian are known to me. The Italian version is sent to me by Paolo. Thank you!


The Lombardi Grand Prix has been the subject for a few articles.

There are also a few offical documents i.e. the FIA homologation and the approval of the car by the Italian Government. Paolo Carima sent them to me. Thanks!


On the internet are just a few places were some information can be found.


The following pictures are found on the Internet. The number of pictures is growing, so now you only see thumbnails. Just click on one and the full image will appear.

Lombardi Grand Prix This picture can be found on a salesbrochure. The picture is taken somewehere in the fields around Vercelli, Lombardi's place of business. Lombardi Grand Prix Here you see the weak point of its looks: the headlights....
Lombardi Grand Prix This one is a real mystery. The nose is very unusual and look at the Abarth badge at the grille..... I think it's one that is used in rallies (AlItialia sticker) Who knows? Lombardi Grand Prix This picture is probably from a pressrelease. The picture is taken somewhere on the company premises. Compare i.e. the fence with the one on other pictures.
Black one, right hand drive Another rare one. A right-hand driven, one of perhaps 7 or 8.    
Lombardi Grand Prix According to Wilfried Hundhausen a team took part in The Rallye of Monte Carlo in 1970 or 1972 with a Lombardi Grand Prix. Here are some pictures of a Lombardi in action. Lombardi Grand Prix A Grand Prix in "full swing".

The Monza is the targa-variation of the Grand Prix. There are at least three made, two are on the following picture of the Turin Motorshow of 1970 shows. Probably the same two were send to the New York Motor Show to be shown as OTAS Tigre's. One of these two is destroyed, the other one still exists. There are rumours that a third one is located in the north of Italy, but it is not confirmed (yet). An estimated guess of the number of cars built is lower than 10.

Lombardi Monza The picture of the Turin Motorshow showing two Grand Prix and two Monza's. It is sent to me by Mavis Walters. Thanks! Lombardi Monza This is one of the cars on the Turin Motorshow in color.
Lombardi Monza The Monza has a nice silhouette, hasn't it? Paolo sent me a copy. Thanks! Lombardi Monza Another picture of the Monza.
Lombardi Monza The Monza with a hardtop! I don't know whether I like it or not... Thanks again to Paolo for the copy.    


Here you will find some links to sites which might help you finding some parts especially for the Lombardi Grand Prix. For generally available parts please look at the parts section of the Link-page.

  • You can order a carcover for your Grand Prix at Although the cover is based on a Abarth Grand Prix, I think it will fit.
  • Chris Obert is the man if you need a new windscreen for your Lombardi Grand Prix.