The 1969 Rallye Méditerranée must have been an exiting event for the Lombardi Factory, as two equipes entered the Monte Carlo with Lombardi Grand Prix.

As far as the pictures show me, both equipes,  Lionel Noghès / Jean-Claude Vercruysse (#8) and Luciano Trombotto / Francesco Bossola (#10) are sponsored by G.A.M. at that time the agent in Monaco.

And were they succesful? Unfortunately not. Trombotto and Bossola left the rally at SS 05 (Saint-Jean-en-Royans / La-Cime-du-Mas), Noghès and Vercruysse left the rally at Marmande. But what great looks....

More information about the 1969 Rally Méditerrannee can be found at

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