1972: Lombardi presents his latest model, the FL 1. It's a sportscar which is meant for the higher segment of the carmarket. They think they'll make a rather good chance with this car. The car can be fitted with different engines. A prototype is showed at the Autosalon of Turin. Depending on the demand they expected to take the car into a small production of 150 - 200 cars per year. The car is offerd with two different engines: the engine of the Lancia 2000 IE (maximum speed 200 km/h) or a Ford 3 litre V6 (maximum speed 225 km/h).



This technical summary is based on a pressfile as given at the introduction of the car in 1972.

Type closed 2 door coupé
Dimensions length x width x height (mm) 4214 x 1700 x 1135
Wheel based (mm) 2400
Turning circle (mm) 10800
Front track (mm) 1400
Rear track (mm) 1440
Empty weight (kg) 800
Maximum weight 180 kg (2 persons and 40 kg luggage)
Luggagecompartment 250 liter
Weight partition Front: 44%, Rear: 56%
Weight/pk relation with driver: 6,96 kg/pk, full weight: 7,84 kg/pk
 Lancia 2000 IEFord V6
Position central
Cilindercapacity (cc) 1991 ?
Number of cilinders 4 in lijn 6 in V
Bore x stroke (mm) 89 x 80 ?
Compression ratio 9,2:1 ?
Power (DIN pk) 125 ?
Maximum revs (rpm) 5800 ?
Maximum speed ca. 200 km/u ca. 225 km/u
Maximum torque 17,5 mkg at 3700 tpm ?
Ignition Electronic (Bosch) ?
Cooling Watercooling via a front radiator with 2 temperature controlled vents
Gears 5 ahead, shifter placed on the tunnel
Wheels and suspension
Suspension Independent wheel suspension on all wheels
Rims Front: 6,00 x 14, rear: 7,50 x 14
Brakes Single discs on all wheels, hydraulic servo-assistance unit. Mechanic handbrake on rear wheels
Tires Front: 185/70 - 14VR, rear: 205/70 - 14VR


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Autosalon Turin 1972 This picture is made at the Autosalon of Turin. According to expert is the cars color orange. That fits in that times colorschemes. Left side Left side of the car. (Attention for the subtle added antenna...)
cross section Technical cross section of the car FL1 color FL 1 in color
dimensions Dimensions of the FL1. color FL 1 in color


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(The pressfile was lent to me. I got the color pictures from Niels Marienlund. Thanks to both!)