The Fiat 128 was a small family car manufactured from 1969 to 1985.

Although the styling was similar to the 124 and 125, the 128 was an advanced and influential design that pioneered the front wheel driverevolution at Fiat. Like the Mini the 128 has a transverse-mounted engine, however, the significant breakthrough with the 128 was the use of unequal length drive shafts which allowed the engine and gearbox to be located side by side, a layout which has since become ubiquitous for small cars.


While I was looking on the Internet for more information about my Grand Prix, I found an advertisement for the selling of a brochure for this car. Until then I've never heard of this car. The brochure contains the following:

FRANCIS LOMBARDI, 1972, "Star su Fiat 128": 2 (single-side printed) p/ncs, 11x8. Sheet is white, with black lettering and emblem, and has photograph showing side view of Francis Lombardi conversion of the Fiat 128 4-Door Sedan, with discussion. Multi-language.

Fiat 128 Lombardi The salesbrochure is for sale at McLellans Automotive.
Fiat 128 Lombardi Haz Neuman sent me the following picture. It seems to me that this one is just a bit more furnished to look more attractive.
Fiat 128 Lombardi This pages derive from the introduction in several newspapers in Italy.

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