The Fiat 2300 Lombardi is an extended version of the normal six-cylinders made by Fiat.

This means that the car could be deliverd with the six-cylinder 2300 cc engine, but also with the 1800 cc six-cylinder and the 1500 cc four-cylinder engine.

The interior has a bench in the front and one in the back. In between are two so called "Strap-on seats". When these are folded out, there's not much room left for the back passengers.

Francis Lombardi made also a "Landaulette" version. The design of the reinforcement of the floorpan is quite extraordinary: it's not horizontal but a bit bended to prevent sagging. Behind the drivers seat is the separation window which operates electrically. The hood and rear windows are also electrically powered.

The separation window has the disadvantage that the frontbench is always in most front position. So the car can only be driven by short people.


Here you see some pictures taken from the salesbrochure of the "President".


You can read more about the "Landaulette" in this article (French).

You can get more information about the Fiat 2300 at the Dutch Fiat 2300 registry.

(Hereby I would like to thank Cock Ooms of the Dutch Fiat 2300 registry for the information and usage of the pictures above)