Already a few weeks ago I received an email with the following content:


I am trying to find out more and it will be very difficult, BUT:

Theere is a word out there that one person in Split, Croatia, owned Fiat 500 Coupe "Coccinella" then sold it to another and that the third owner is one guy who actually thought in restauraing it in late 1970's but the car was already too rusty and missing many parts, so he just left it on a junkyard. The thir owner does not have any pictures of the car and, apparently, had no idea that car was so rare.

Me and my friends are trying to find any photographs of this car in Split. There should be one or two, ellegedly very small ones.

This story does sound like aftermidnight talk of a few petrolheads sitting arround a small table in a local bar and actually this is how it started last night, but...

We will investigate further and should we find anything of importance, any pictures, we will let you know.

Best regards,

local petrolheads from Split Croatia


The next day I did receive a follow up from Jurica Mandic, the secretary of the Splitski Oldtimer Autoclub. He will keep me informed about their progress in their quest for the Croatian Coccinella.

Let's hope for more good news...