The Abarth Scorpione is Abarth's vision on the Grand Prix. That means that he rebuild the car according to his need for speed.

But he did it in a neath way. Its exterior didn't change much. Only the fuelinlet moved from the engine compartment to the left rear fender. Although they look very simalar it is said that no bodypanel from the Scorpione fits on any Grand Prix.

Underneath a bit more is changed. Just like the Abarth 1300/124, Abarth's version of the Fiat 850 Coupe, a Fiat 124 engine is shoehorned into the engine compartment. It is (how?) mounted at the stock Fiat 850 gearbox. In order to improve the cooling is the radiotor moved to the front of the car.

The SS-version has also an improved suspension. At the front the suspension of the Abarth 1000 TC racers is used. The engine gives a bit more horsepower (100 instead of 75).


On one of my searches on the internet I found the following salesbrochure. Haz Neuman sent me a picture of a poster. Thanks Haz!


There are two articles about the Abarth Scorpione. Follow the link to read them. Mavis found some entrys in books.


On the internet are just a few places were some information can be found.


When I started this page, there was absolutely nothing. It seemed that this car was forgotten. Then, finally Barnini started with a kit and not long afterwards, Metro decided to built a model as well.

Abarth Scorpione - BAR086 Abarth 1300 Scorpione - 1968 Yellow 1:43 Resin kit

Abarth Scorpione - ME005 Abarth 1300 Scorpione - 1968 Red 1:43 Build


Somewhere on the internet I found some pictures of a Scorpione. Mavis Walters sent me some more pictures and the drawings. Thanks!

Click on the small image to enlarge.

Abarth Scorpione Right front view. Abarth Scorpione Left front view.
Abarth Scorpione Mavis Walters took this picture at Carmel, California, USA. I think it is at an Italian Car Meeting. Abarth Scorpione and this one at Montery at an historic race. I think it's the same car.
Abarth Scorpione   Abarth Scorpione        
Abarth Scorpione This Racer has a complete race-history. Hans de Bekker sent it to me. Thanks! Abarth Scorpione This Abarth Scorpione is a racer in Sweden. It is owned by Stefan Svensson. Follow this link and you'll find out that it's quite succesfull.


You can order a carcover for your Scorpione here.