Fiat 850 Lombardi

The Fiat 850 is a small rear-engined rear wheel drive car in the tradition of the Renault Dauphine.

It was produced between 1964 and 1973. Being an Italian coachbuilder Lombardi had to wave his want above the Fiat 850: a practical 4-door saloon and a beautiful cabriolet. Both are real little gems!

The 850 Lucciola has little or no similarity with the Seat 850 4-door saloon. For instance, the floorpan of the Lucciola was standard 850 where the floorpan of the Seat was increased with .. centimeters to .. centimeters.

Fiat 850 "Lucciola"

It seems that the Lombardi 850 Lucciola is the predecessor of the Seat 850 4-door. At the website of the Spanish Seat 850 club there's (of course!) a whole page regarding the differences of Seat 850 tipo "corto" and the tipo "largo". The first being the Lombardi with the standard Fiat 850 floorpan, and the latter with a slightly longer floorpan. Of course there are more differences. Please follow this link to the Spanish Seat 850 club.

De Fiat 850 "Lucciola" was introduced at the Turin Autosalon of 1964.

Fiat 850 Lucciola Default picture in bad quality from the right front. The grille is clearly different from the normal Fiat 850 Fiat 850 Lucciola A slightly better picture. The backdoor catches your eye, just like the emblem with "Lucciola" on the front fender.
Fiat 850 Lucciola Again not a very good picture. It seems to be made at a carshow, probably the one of the introduction. Is the grille different from the one on the previous pictures? Fiat 850 Lucciola In my humble opinion this is the same car as on the picture on the left. No emblem om the front fender yet and the grille differs from the previous pictures.
Fiat 850 Lucciola A nice sideview picture. An elephant would fit through one of these doors, or do I exagerate? Fiat 850 Lucciola Not everything is an instant success... Lombardi has converted probably just one ordinary Fiat 850 into a 4-door saloon. Who would be flexible enough to fit through these lepricon doors?
Fiat 850 Lucciola Sideview of the Lombardi Lucciola... Fiat 850 Lucciola and of the Seat 850. If you watch closely, it's quite easy to see that the back door of the Seat is a bit bigger than the door of the Lombardi.


Fanny Valat send me, amongst other documentation, a scanned salesbrochure from the Lucciola, language (of course) Italian. Thank you Fanny!

Fiat 850 Cabriolet "Libellula"

The cabriolet, Libellula (dragonfly in english) is its name, is a little mystery. Not a word from our spanish friends. The cabriolet looks a bit like the Renault Caravelle, isn't it? I'm afraid I've nothing interesting to say about it either...

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