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As you might have noticed, the site was dull. Reason for that was the hack we had on our site. There were a lot of things that needed to be recovered, so much, that it was easier to start from scratch with a new provider and a new version of the content management system. Fortunately, we could keep the domain name. It meant that we had to say goodbye to the components that we suspect to be the backdoor and the reason of the hack. We have tried to upgrade that specific component to the new version of the cms, but until now it fails to install. We've decided to use a new gallery tool. Goodbye PhocaGallery, welcome SimpleGallery!

The last few weeks we have been busy to give the site a better look. We've choosen a new template and we hope that you like it. One of the advantages of the current template is that the site is now also looks good on your smartphone. So now you can have all day access to your favourite website! For these last few days of the year we will do our best to show the list of survivors, together with images of the cars.

The two of us wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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The Gamine, the gambling king and the tank

WELL-KNOWN British dancer Wayne Sleep has several. Peter Stringfellow had a pink one. Ex-Cyprus Rally star Mickey Christodoulou had one. And the man who imported them into England was a Cypriot who met his end after tangling with a tank and coming off worst...

"They" are Fiat Gamines, small Italian fun cars which bear a suspicious resemblance to an original automotive design by one Enid Blyton. If you've seen one on the road, you'll know it, but while the car itself will make you look twice, the story behind it is even more unusual.


Welcome at the Francis Lombardi Pages. On this site you will find everything about Francis Lombardi and his beautiful inheritage. These pages started it's life as pages about his biggest succes, the Lombardi Grand Prix and related cars such as the OTAS 820 Grand Prix, the Giannini Grand Prix, the Abarth Grand Prix and the Abarth Scorpione. And you will find a Grand Prix Comparison between these cars. But as Bob Dylan sang "The times, they are a-changin" this site also has moved on. We want to cover more of his life and works so we changed its name.

Site was hacked!

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Last monday this site was hacked by an anonymous person who was so kind to send lots of spam mail via this site.

The easiest thing to do was to remove all content and start from scratch again.

So please return in a few days and most of the original content will be there again.

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